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John Mann, the youngest child of George Bernard Mann, was born in New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania ca. 1745.  He married Susannah Price in 1765.  Susannah was the daughter of Augustine Price and Anna Elizabeth Scherp.  They resided on John's 500+ acre Virginia property at Sinking Creek near New River.  This land is now in West Virginia.

Some family histories state that John served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was with the colonial armies in the final stand at Yorktown when Cornwallis surrendered.  He also served as a captain in the Ohio Militia.

John, Susannah, and their family, joined their eldest son, John Jr, in Miami County, Ohio around 1801.  At that time John appointed his son-in-law, Andrew Hatfield, as agent to sell his Virginia land holdings. After staying in Ohio for several years with his sons, he relocated to Indiana.

Our line of descent from Germany to present day is as follows:

Hans Mann
George Bernard Mann

John Mann Sr.
Colonel John Mann Jr.
Isaac Mann
Lewis J. Mann
Dorsey V. Mann
John A. Mann Sr.

John A. Mann Jr.
Timothy A. Mann
Maven L. Bradley



 Lewis J. Mann

John A Mann

Dorsey V. Mann

John A Mann Jr.

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