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The Miami Valley Ohio Mann Family


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Maven Lee Bradley was born on July 20, 2009 to Elizabeth Marie Mann.  He was raised in Shelby County, Ohio.

 Maven attends school in
 Shelby County.  He enjoys
 reenacting, and has
 performed volunteer work
 at the Johnston Farm
 Historical site.
He has had
 a life long fascination with
 history, particularly the
 Revolutionary War era.

Maven, or "Mave" as he is known to his family, is a Cub Scout, and has completed the Tiger, Bobcat, and Wolf requirements.  He will complete Bear requirements in 2018. 


He is an avid outdoorsman, drawing pleasure from hiking, fishing, and exploring the beauty and splendor of nature.


Maven represents the 10th generation of the Mann family in Miami Valley, as his ancestors came to Ohio in the 1790ís. His lineage includes veterans of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Spanish American War, and Korean War. 


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George Bernard Mann

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Isaac Mann
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Maven L. Bradley



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