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Timothy A. Mann was born on August 17,1961 to John A. Mann Jr. and Rosalyn Johnston Mann.  He was raised in Shelby County, Ohio.

Tim is known in Miami County, Ohio, for his volunteer work at the Johnston Farm Historical site. For several years, Tim volunteered countless weekend and holiday hours at the OHS historical site. He was often found donning period accurate clothing and accouterments, camped near the farm courtyard. He shared his knowledge of frontier life and local history to thousands of site visitors. 

He has also worked at the Overfield Tavern Museum in Troy, Ohio and at the Mercer-Smith Historical Park in Fairborn, Ohio. 





has authored three books, "Frontier Miscellany Concerning the Miami County Ohio Militia", "Colonel John Mann, His Kith and Kin", and "Frontier Militia -The War of 1812".  He has also penned local history articles for the Piqua Daily Call and The Journal of the War of 1812.

After eleven years of employment working as a Press Line Leader and Quality Control Technician, Tim worked for eight years as a propeller assembler and technical writer.  He is currently is employed as a Human Resources Administrator.

He holds a Certificate in Technical Writing, an Associates of Technical Study in Management Communications, and an Associates of Applied Business in Human Resource Management from Edison Community College.

Other schooling includes a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Bluffton University, PHR certification, and a Master of Science in Human Resource Administration at Central Michigan University. 

Ten generations of Mannís have resided in the Miami Valley, as his ancestors came to Ohio in the 1790ís. His lineage includes veterans of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Spanish American War, and Korean War.  Tim resigned his commission with the Ohio Military Reserve in 2007.

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